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*Stud dog FCI*

DKK: 0/0 - HD A, free

DKL: 0/0 - ED 0, free

MDR +/+



height: 65 cm

hair: longhair

nature 5V:: temperamentfull, courageous, wellbalanced

Working tests and shows: in column

I was born on 25.2.2006 in city: Hranice – Drahouše CZ, in the kennel:


Both of my parents have HD 0/0 , ED 0/0 , MDR +/+, do not have alergies, are healthy and have well balanced character

I have four brothers and one sister, she stayed in the kennel, the broter Daimon is with his fater in Germany, the rest stayed in the Czech republic.

My brother Dyuke and sister Dinky (studs) have HD 0/0 and ED 0/0. All of my sibs are healthy, have all teeth, me and all my brothers have both testicles. We are all well balanced in nature and are temper full.

When you have interest to cover with Dragon, please contact my owner Martin or my Breeder.